How to have a relaxing bath

How to have a relaxing bath

After a wonderful, warm summer October marks the start of the shorter days and cooler weather. As we say goodbye to the pub gardens, barbeques and passing time in the sunshine, and settle into the school runs, falling leaves and our favourite pair of boots, a relaxing bath is the perfect way to ease yourself into the new season. At Natbrands we are big fans of bath-time and have compiled some helpful tips for how your bath-time can help to wash away a stressful day, in a natural way.

Start by putting on some calming music. There’s a huge variety of peaceful playlists on a number of music streaming devices, so you can pick the right one for you. After you’ve set the tone, try putting your devices on airplane mode or muting notifications to stop you being disturbed.

Cover all your senses by lighting some natural candles for the perfect ambience. Our Waft Room Fragrance Sprays (available in 4 signature scents of Geranium, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Lavender) give the air a beautifully natural aroma so spritz a few sprays around your bathroom. We all have our favourite scent, but Lavender essential oil is known to alleviate anxiety with its therapeutic and calming properties. (see our previous blog about the properties of lavender essential oil).

The same fragrances can also be found in our Waft Soaps. Created by expert aromatherapists, the hemp oil in these soaps moisturises the skin, fights inflammation and can even slow down effects of ageing. Lather up your naturally fragrant bar of soap and use a natural loofah pad such as our LoofCo Bath-Time Loofah or Body Loofah to gently clean, massage and exfoliate your skin without using any harsh chemicals that might strip skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry.  

Now it’s time to sit back and really relax. Sitting in the bath is a great opportunity to leave your mental to-do list outside the bathroom door. Allow yourself to enjoy your alone time, to rest your mind and body.

Practising meditation or mindfulness can be an effective way of focussing on yourself and how you feel – it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth a try!

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  • Minnie Clark