Our top tips for less plastic waste

Our top tips for less plastic waste

Many of us have already started to increase our consumption of hot drinks as we delve further into winter but grabbing those extra coffees on the go is harm to the environment than you think. In the UK, we throw away 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, with less than 1% of them being recycled. So, embrace the opportunity to buy and use a reusable coffee cup that are now welcome at many coffee shops.

But we know that our love for cuppas isn’t the only thing adding to the huge amounts of plastic waste we produce. Here are some helpful tips for other ways you can reduce the amount of plastic in your life. 

  1. #NobottleNovember has arrived! This is a perfect excuse to finally ditch the plastic bottles and invest in a reusable bottle. With so much choice out there online and in shops, it’s never been easier to pick a reusable bottle that is value for money and looks nice too. Glass bottles can be particularly aesthetic, but a stainless-steel alternative may be more suited to a hectic lifestyle.


  1. Swap plastic washing-up brushes and scourers for our LoofCo range. These products are made with sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut, meaning they are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. The washing-up pad, scraper and brush will last you months and when worn out can be composted.


  1. Storing your food in glass jars instead of plastic bags and containers is not only a great way to reduce waste, but can also be better for your food. When storing and heating food in a glass container, you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals from the plastic seeping into your meals. Plastic is also less likely to stand the high temperatures of a dishwasher and can sometimes leave your food with awful synthetic taste.


  1. Keep a shopping bag in your car and in your handbag so you never find yourself without one. Tote bags and material bags are a better alternative to plastic ones as they are durable, reusable and often have longer handles, making them easier to carry. The variety of designs and colours makes the chore of the weekly food shop look classy!


  1. Rather than using soap from plastic bottles that take up space, try the Waft Hemp Oil Soap Bars. Presented in a cardboard box, the recyclable packaging means there is no harmful waste left over when you’re done. To top it all off, the soap is vegan too!

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  • Minnie Clark