Tick Tock: How to Speed Clean Your House for Unexpected Guests

Tick Tock: How to Speed Clean Your House for Unexpected Guests

Raise your hands if you feel stressed just thinking about unexpected guests dropping for a visit!

Admittedly, most homes aren’t clean enough for guests unless the visit is pre-planned. That’s because we tend to leave the cleaning for weekends. Plus, if you have children at home, you’re bound to find stray shoes, toys, and abandoned dishes lying around the house.

So whenever, an unexpected visitor announces their arrival― you’re frantically clearing up spaces and shoving stuff inside a cupboard and shutting doors on ‘no-go’ areas.

Here’s a light-hearted and quick way to clean your house for unexpected guests and hopefully to impress your visitors:

1. Call in the Reinforcements

Thinking about speed cleaning on your own?

Wrong move!

We understand that most parents tackle housecleaning on their own to prevent extra clutter and to just get the job done. The strategy isn’t feasible when your guests are on the way and time is limited. Do not feel guilty, as the best tactic is to divide and conquer to maximize coverage.

Call the family or housemates together and start designating the cleaning tasks (according to your children’s age).

For instance:

  • Younger children could pick up toys, shoes and anything lying out of place in the main rooms.
  • Older children can handle dusting, vacuuming, and organizing, depending on their age.

Top tip: Make sure to distribute cleaning supplies. Eco-Max All Purpose Cleaners, Eco-Max Bathroom and Shower Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner, LoofCo Cleaning Pads will get the jobs done.

2. Prioritize Your Work 

So much to do, so little time!

That’s probably the first thing that pops in your head when you look at your messy house. The trick is to form a clear-cut strategy before housecleaning. Since time is of the essence here, the best idea is to focus on the main areas of your home.

In other words, the rooms your guests will most likely visit.

Here’s a hint:

1. Hall and Living Room

View the hall and living room from your guest’s perspective. Then start cleaning up all areas that look untidy. The basic tasks include dusting, vacuuming, and organizing the clutter.

Make sure that somebody grabs the pile of shoes/coats and other items that are crowding rooms.

Top tip: The same routine applies to your bedrooms.

2. Bathroom Checklist  

Bathrooms are the next most-frequented rooms in the house.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Wipe mirrors and surfaces with a bathroom cleaner.
  • Clean the toilet bowls and flush, check if there is toilet roll.
  • Refill soap dish/bottles and place fresh towels.

Once the bathroom is clean, make sure that it’s dry before the guests arrive.

Top tip: Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine.

3. Kitchen

Prep your kitchen by removing any unsightly object from plain sight. This includes overflowing bin bags, dirty dishes, and other unwanted appliances. Then spray and wipe down worktops, kitchen cupboard doors and other hard surfaces with Eco-Max All Purpose Cleaners.

3. Final Touch

The last step is to give the house a once over to check that everything is spotless. Besides this, spray a sweet-smelling Waft air freshener in all the rooms. It’ll ensure that your home smells clean and fresh when guests arrive.

Phew! Now that you’ve cleared the house, it’s time to get dressed before the bell rings.  

If you are you running out of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, then at NatBrands we hope you have chosen the best options for a clean and naturally fragrant home!

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  • Lois Clark