Bring a delightful fresh Waft of plant-based natural fragrance into your home 

At NatBrands, we love the natural fragrances of pure essential oils and so we have developed Waft, our very own range of room sprays based on simple aromatic blends. We are delighted to introduce them to you. 

The air freshener sector is one of extremes. At one end you can buy cheap plug-ins or synthetic sprays and at the other end you can spend a fortune on designer reed diffusers, candles and sprays that do not even claim to be natural. Our customer feedback has reinforced our view that many consumers are concerned about the indoor pollution caused by such products and they want to avoid potential nasties like phthalates and VOC's. They wanted a more natural room spray that was affordable too.

We listened and created Waft. We have worked with an expert aromatherapy team in the UK to develop 4 fantastic signature scents that are made with natural ingredients, are 98.5% organic and are blended to enhance your space and lift your spirits. 

Choose From Our 4 Wonderful Fragrances:


Waft of Peppermint has a wonderful minty aroma that helps to refresh the senses and clear the mind. 


Waft of Lavender has a soothing, calming aroma that helps to reduce anxiety and induce relaxation. 


Waft of Lemongrass has an uplifting scent of fresh citrus aroma that helps to relieve anxiety and lift feelings. 


Waft of Geranium is a vibrant, floral scent that helps to relieve low mood and raises positivity.  

Ethically Sourced. Blended with Care.