Waft is our delightful range of Air Fresheners and Laundry Perfumes for a more sustainably fragranced home and laundry

Beautiful Fragrance

Each Fragrance uses natural essential oils and nature-identical perfume with their own unique properties to enhance your space and lift your spirits..


Our Waft products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

Ethical Ingredients

The Waft range is GMO, phthalates and palm oil free. Our Air Fresheners are 98.5% Organic. 


Waft Laundry Perfumes can be used as a laundry perfume or mixed with vinegar to create a perfumed laundry softener.

About Waft Air Fresheners

At NatBrands, we love the natural fragrances of pure essential oils so much that we have developed Waft Air Fresheners, our very own range of room sprays based on pure aromatic blends. We are so proud to introduce them to you. Choose from: Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, Orange and Vanilla in a generous 100ml bottle. The vibrantly coloured labels represent a burst of fragrance and create a fabulous stylish look that you will be proud to display. 

 We feel that the air freshener sector is one of extremes from inexpensive plug-ins or sprays to designer reed diffusers, candles and room fragrances that may not even claim to be natural. Customer feedback reinforced our view that many consumers are concerned about the indoor pollution caused by potential nasties like phthalates and VOC's and they wanted a more natural room spray that was affordable too. We listened and created Waft Air Fresheners. We have worked with an expert aromatherapy team in the UK to develop our 6 fantastic signature scents that are made with natural ingredients, are 98.5% organic and are blended to enhance your space and lift your spirits. 

Waft Air Fresheners are available in a brown recyclable plastic bottle with pump action sprayer. Made in the UK, biodegradable, plant-based, Vegan Society registered, not tested on animals and GMO Free. 

 The only dilemma is… which one to choose!

About Waft Laundry Perfumes

A new idea to many, the inspiration behind Waft Super Concentrated Laundry Perfumes came from our concern about the rows of supermarket shelves dedicated to huge plastic bottles of synthetically fragranced fabric softener and conditioner. We wanted to find a way to cut down the use of so much plastic. However, we know that many people (including us) want their clean laundry to have a fragrance and they may need to use a softener. Therefore, working with experts in Hungary, where laundry perfumes are very popular, we are excited to introduce a sustainable solution to this quandary with our own range of Waft Super Concentrated Laundry Perfumes. 

Available in 5 gorgeous fragrances: Tropical Flowers, Spring Freshness, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Vanilla and in 2 fabulously compact sizes:10ml (20 wash) and 50ml (100 wash) - they are great value per wash. Just a few drops of these intense scents, made with natural essential oils and nature-identical perfume, will make your clothes smell wonderful. In addition, this versatile perfume can be mixed with vinegar to create a perfumed laundry softener alternative. The vibrantly coloured labels echo the burst of fragrance of Waft Air Fresheners and are designed to create a vivid stylish look across the Waft range that will look good anywhere around the home. 

Waft Laundry perfumes are not tested on animals, Vegan Society registered, biodegradable and free from GMOs, phthalates, dyes and palm oil. Best of all, these small recyclable brown bottles save plastic waste and are easy to transport and store. 

 Give Waft products a try - it’s another easy step towards a creating a more sustainable home and lifestyle.

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