Deep Cleaning Checklist: What to Do for Autumn?

Deep Cleaning Checklist:  What to Do for Autumn?

Autumn is the season of the crisp morning air, golden leaves, and...deep cleaning!

Wait, what?

We know that autumn cleaning isn’t something you’d have on your to-do list. We’ve grown so accustomed to ‘spring cleaning’ that we hardly ever pay attention to autumnal cleaning sprees. You can change that by making your way to the cleaning cabinet and initiating a new ‘autumn cleaning’ tradition. Naturally we would always recommend that you use safer eco-friendly cleaning products to lessen exposure to harsh chemicals.  

I have done this autumnal deep clean for years and knowing that my home is clean and organised ( for once) really helps to reduce the stress the holiday season, especially if guests are coming. If you have children, then another reason to choose autumn is the bliss of decluttering without interruption while they are are in school. Plus, it’s also a great way to tackle organize their rooms while they aren’t there to object.

We suggest taking a room each week to keep it manageable and before you know it, you are in control!

The Checklist: What Should You Clean?

1. Kitchen

If you love cooking pies, cakes and pastries, or even your Christmas cake and pudding in autumn then you need a clean workspace. We suggest starting with the kitchen and then moving on to the rest of the house.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Declutter and organize your pantry and kitchen cabinets.
  • Empty the fridge and give it a good scrub with a LoofCo Cleaning Pad. Defrost the freezer-a very satisfying task and try to use up all of that forgotten food.
  • Use a Washing up Scraper to tackle the hard-to-remove residue that has clung to your pots and baking pans.
  • Spray ECO-Max Floor and Surface Cleaner on countertops, dishwasher, appliances, and other surfaces to wipe them clean. This economical and versatile product can degrease the hob, clean hard surfaces as well as the floor, leaving a fresh citrus aroma.

Besides this, you could organize your worktops and tidy gadgets and storage jars. 

2.  Bedrooms

Your next stop should be the bedrooms because autumn demands cosier settings. Maybe your winter clothes are still hidden in various locations since last winter. Indeed, if your wardrobe is like mine, it is a bit of a mess due to the transitional weather.

Therefore, you must take care of the clothes before you look anywhere else. This is the right time to pack away any remaining summer clothes. You can also use this cleaning session to separate clothes for charity bags. Sounds boring, but I find this task very therapeutic.

Apart from that, you can:

  • Turn mattresses
  • Change bedding that hasn’t been washed in a while.
  • Vacuum carpet areas that may have been neglected
  • Swap to thicker duvets

3.  Bathrooms

I always need a whole day to combat the bathroom.

Most homeowners clean their bathrooms routinely, but those ventures are superficial. This time around, you can take extreme measures. You should round up your cleaning supplies (e.g. Lots of cloths,  LoofCo Cleaning Pad, Eco-Max Spearmint Bathroom and Shower Cleaner, Eco-Max Spearmint Glass Cleaner and Eco-Max Tea Tree Toilet Cleaner) for preparation. To avoid running out and to save plastic use, you can buy 4L bulk sizes of Eco-Max products and refill at home.

Like the kitchen, there are three phases for this session:

  • Decluttering: cabinets and shelves
  • Cleaning: toilets, showers, bath ( especially around the plug and taps) and surfaces
  • Organize: storage spaces and whatever’s on display

Top tip: End the session by spraying your favourite Waft Air Freshener a final touch. It’s difficult to choose from Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint or Orange!

4.  Everywhere Else

Once you’re done with the main areas, you can shift your focus to the living room, hallways, and outdoor spaces.

Here’s sneak peek of what needs to be done before winter:


  • Straighten out your laundry room
  • Wash and clean the bedding and linen before storing (Use Eco-max non-bio laundry liquid!)
  • Keep on top of cobwebs and dust
  • Vacuum and dust the surfaces
  • Thorough polish of the wooden furniture
  • Sweep the chimney – call in the chimney sweep


  • Hose down the driveway after raking the leaves
  • Wash windows
  • Survey the gutters
  • Organize the garden shed and garage

In the end, try to take things slow and steady while you’re following your ‘autumn cleaning’ to do list. You have ample amount of time to address things you usually miss out. Additionally, it is a good strategy to transform the house for winter.

So, are you ready to start cleaning?  Choose your products and go!

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  • Lois Clark