Christmas Cleaning: How to be Quick and Thorough

Christmas Cleaning: How to be Quick and Thorough

When Christmas comes around it can sometimes feel like a mad dash to get everything done – the presents, the wrapping, the extra food shop and more! Cleaning your house might feel like yet another thing to add to your to-do list, but it doesn’t have to take up as much time as you think.

We thought we’d make your life easier by putting together a timetable for you, to ensure optimum efficiency in getting your house spick and span before the guests arrive.

Brace yourself

Make sure everything is tidied away, in its proper place first to avoid extra work when you’re in the swing of things. It’s best to keep any vacuuming or mopping until the end, so any dirt you wipe onto the floor can be cleaned.

Get as much as you can ready before you start cleaning – you don’t want to keep going back and forth between rooms. Have your equipment and cleaning products with you in a bucket so they are easy to carry around. Our products will be your best friends by the time you’ve finished and look around you clean and fragrance space.

For a festive aroma of oranges aroma while you clean, use ECOS All Purpose Cleaner Orange Spray and Furniture Polish. They are handy to carry from room to room with a damp and dry cloth or duster leaving a warming orange scent. The natural cleaning power of orange oil helps to penetrate grease and grime, so it can be used in every room. Add ECOS Window Cleaner and you are ready to go.

Bedrooms (10 minutes per bedroom)

Make sure everything is where it belongs; remember to check under the bed for ‘lost’ things. Empty the bins and throw the laundry into the washing machine. To be extra thorough, if time allows and if you are super house-proud at Christmas, remove the duvet and pillows from the bed giving you easier access to dust the bedframe and base. Remake the bed and arrange the pillows and blankets. Wipe all surfaces and objects where dust has settled, like photo frames and books. Spray mirrors with a Window Cleaner to avoid streaks, wipe and then polish with a dry cloth.

Bathrooms (10-15 minutes)

Start by squirting ECOS Toilet Cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl rim and leave while you focus on the rest. The ECOS All Purpose Cleaner Orange Spray can be used in combination with the LoofCo Cleaning Pad on the sink, taps and bath. ECOS Shower Cleaner is perfect for shower and tiles and mirror. Check and fold fresh towels and flannels. Why not hang up some new Bath-Time Loofahs and Body Loofahs as a welcome gift for Christmas guests.  Now Scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, flush away the dirt and spray the room with your favourite Waft Air Freshener!

Living/Dining (20 minutes)

Do the easiest thing first by plumping up the cushions. Stash away papers and magazines under a table or in a cupboard, then dust and polish any furniture with a hard, flat surface. Don’t forget to arrange ornaments to look neat and pretty – even the TV remotes. A lot of dust can collect by the TV, so be sure to give this area attention. Spot some marks on the sofa or carpets? Try spraying the ECOS Stain and Odour Remover on them and say goodbye to unsightly stains to give your house a fresh and clean look.

Kitchen (20 minutes)

Put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher, turn it on and ensure your drying rack is empty. Wipe down all the surfaces, sink and hob with warm water to help loosen the dirt. Spray some of our All Purpose Cleaner directly onto a surface and wipe with a cleaning pad and soft cloth to really clean the area. All Purpose Orange Concentrate can be used neat as a degreaser if the hob and oven door are looking greasy. Give any metal surfaces spray and wipe afterwards with a soft damp cloth.


Vacuum…try and find a central plug socket so you can reach as many rooms as possible in one go, don’t forget to use the smaller extensions to reach for cobwebs in the corner. Mopping floors is super quick with ECOS Floor Cleaner Spray and a damp mop, leaving a lovely lemon and sage smell. You don’t even need to get out a bucket!

Stow away your products, throw cloths in the washing and finally, make yourself a drink and take some time to chill out before tackling your next task – the only compulsory part of your cleaning routine!

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  • Minnie Clark