Notes From the Sink: Cleaning Garden Pots

Notes From the Sink: Cleaning Garden Pots

As the warmer weekends of Spring approach, I am starting to think about preparing some pots for the patio for a display of colourful bedding plants. The colour of terracotta clay pots contrasts beautifully with the colourful display of the planting that I have in mind. It is always a good idea to give pots a thorough clean before planting up. This will remove moss, mud, soil and algae and so not only will they look better, it will minimise the risk of transferring fungus and disease from last year’s planting to this.

The perfect non-toxic combination for this job is a LoofCo Scrubbing Brush and a bucket of warm water and Dishmate Washing-Up Liquid. The Scrubbing Brush is a nice strong hand held brush that makes easy work of cleaning the inside and outside of garden pots. It is easy to grip and strong enough to scrub hard. As is does not have a handle, it is easy to directly apply pressure without spraying yourself in mud. I find it a therapeutic task and the first step towards some bright clean terracotta pots filled with red annuals such as geraniums, gerberas, busy lizzies and petunias.


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  • Lois Clark