Notes From the Sink: Washing-Up Wisdom

Notes From the Sink: Washing-Up Wisdom

Sometimes the washing-up can feel like an endless chore, especially at the end of a long day or when the dirty plates are piled high. However, I find that it can be an enjoyable task if I approach it in the right way. Much like knitting, drawing or woodwork its repetitive nature can be therapeutic, giving me the opportunity to unplug from everyday stresses.

Here are 4 Tips for bringing some joy into your washing-up routine:

  1. Mindfulness: I have changed my mind set to viewing washing-up as a break from the business of everyday life and this helps to transform this time from a monotonous chore to a chance to unwind and reflect. 
  2. Scent: Using a washing-up liquid with an aroma I like is a small change that can make the washing-up more enjoyable. I enjoy the fresh smell of Dishmate Pear or Grapefruit. 
  3. Music: Listening to a favourite playlist, podcast or radio station will help to take your mind completely off the washing-up! You could even make your own washing up playlist, helping to make the washing-up a time you really look forward to.
  4. Try something new: Changing your washing-up technique or utensils will introduce some variety into your routine that will make the washing up more interesting. Our LoofCo products, for example differ from your standard plastic washing-up sponges and brushes. Not only are they effective, but they based on proven traditional methods and materials. I use a LoofCo Washing-Up Brush made from coir fibre and a LoofCo Washing-Up pad made from loofah plant. These are a world away from plastic utensils that end up in landfill.



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  • Minnie Clark