Footprint In The Sand

Footprint In The Sand

ECOS (previously known as Earth Friendly Products) has been a pioneer in green cleaning and laundry products for over 50 years. We are lucky enough to have been working with them for nearly 20 years! This is what a “Green” product means to them and we love their evocative reply…

"Imagine a green product is like a footprint in the sand right at the seashore.  It is washed away by the sea just as fast as it was made and it does not leave a lasting effect on the planet.  Now think of a product that is not green. Imagine a rainforest being cut down for farming.  There are lasting, reverberating effects on the planet from the non-green product.   Green products are those that are made, used and end with minimal effect on the environment.  This means they are made using renewable energy, recyclable packaging, readily biodegradable ingredients and have a low or no carbon footprint.  They do not use precious finite resources and are instead made with renewable ingredients. They do not bioaccumulate.  In other words, they are like the footprints in the sand".

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  • Claire Price