Give Your Laundry a ‘Green Clean’ with Our Eco Laundry Tips

Give Your Laundry a ‘Green Clean’ with Our Eco Laundry Tips

There’s something particularly satisfying about drying your laundry outside. Not only do you avoid having damp clothes hanging inside the house, but just harnessing the natural power of a warm summer breeze will make your clothes smell fresher.  What’s more, it’s far better for the environment. 

Unfortunately, the British climate doesn’t always provide the perfect drying weather, but there are a few simple tweaks you can make to your laundry routine, which will reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy costs. 

Our Eco Laundry Tips:

  • Use concentrated products, like Ecoizm Laundry Perfumes and ECOS Laundry Detergent. Concentrated products use less packaging and plastic and have a smaller carbon footprint because they can be shipped using less space and fuel.
  • Wash at a lower temperature. A large part of the energy associated with doing laundry is spent just heating up the water. ECOS works well with cold washes too.
  • Try to only wash full loads, but don’t overload. Overcrowding the machine might lead to less clean clothes and doing half loads uses more energy.
  • Think about wearing clothes more than once; most of them aren’t really dirty after one use.
  • If you can, avoid the tumble dryer and hang clothes to air dry instead. Keeping your clothes out of a dryer extends their life, reduces energy use and cuts costs. Drying whites and linens in the sun also helps to make them brighter, without having to resort to chlorine bleach or alternative whitening agents.
  • Don’t iron if you don’t absolutely need to. Instead, carefully line the clothes on the rack, so they won’t get wrinkled; this way you save the time and energy use of ironing.


If you love the fresh ‘just washed’ scent of clean clothes, but you’re mindful of your impact on the environment, you’ll love the new Ecoizm range.

Ecoizm’s Super Concentrated Laundry Perfumes provide a naturally inspired alternative to conventional fabric softeners and perfumes, using less plastic and creating less waste. Made with natural essential oils and plant extracts, Ecoizm is Vegan, GM Free, biodegradable and free from cationic surfactants, phthalates or synthetic dyes. Choose from Spring Freshness, Lavender and Tropical Flowers.

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  • Lois Clark