Top Tips for a Speedy & Effective Fridge Clean

Top Tips for a Speedy & Effective Fridge Clean

Cleaning out the fridge is a job we love to hate. However, as the season changes and we switch from eating warm comforting food to salads and fruits, it is the perfect time for some fridge administration. A fridge that is de-cluttered, clean and organised can make you feel surprisingly positive. Plus, it doesn’t have to take very long.

Here are 4 easy steps for a speedy and effective fridge clean:

Tools for the job:

1: Empty out the fridge. The best way to thoroughly clean your fridge is to completely empty it out, so make sure you have some clear table space to put its contents. This process can be a great time for meal planning as you can see what may have been lurking at the back of a shelf and what needs to be used up or frozen before it expires!

2: Clean shelves and drawers. If your fridge is not too dirty, then you can leave the glass shelves and salad drawers in the fridge to speed up the task. Simply spray thoroughly with a non-toxic multi surface cleaner and wipe or scrub with a damp cleaning pad and dry with a soft cloth. Make sure you pull out your fridge drawers and spray and wipe underneath them. If your fridge shelves and draws have stubborn dried-on spills, try soaking them in warm water and washing-up liquid. As fridge shelves are usually glass, do take special care when removing, cleaning and replacing them. As your fridge contains food you should choose a non-toxic cleaner that does not have an overpowering scent. ECOS All Purpose Cleaner Sprays in Parsley or Orange will deliver an effective clean while leaving a subtle fresh scent. ECOS Dishmate Washing-Up Liquid is perfect for soaking and cleaning shelves and drawers.

3: Spray and scrub inner walls and inside the door of the fridge. Spray multi-surface cleaner and get to work with a damp cleaning pad! Using a plastic-free LoofCo Cleaning Pad that has been soaked in warm water will allow you to easily remove any tough stains that have built up in your fridge without scratching. Once you have done this, use a cloth to wipe the fridge dry. This is an important final step to ensure that mildew does not start to build.

4: Refill the fridge. Once your fridge is sparkling clean it’s time to put your food back. This is the perfect opportunity to restore some order and categorise your shelf space. This can save time and money, as food will be easier to find and less likely to be forgotten at the back. Containers can keep sauces or cheeses together. While you are refilling, check expiry dates. Food near the expiry date should be put at the front of your shelves to be eaten soon.

After a last wipe of the outside of the door and handle, the job is done. Step back and admire.

The freezer defrosting can wait for another day!




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  • Minnie Clark