Orange Oil is a Natural Born Cleaner

Orange Oil is a Natural Born Cleaner

Orange oil is the essential oil derived from orange rinds and is abundantly available. Orange essential oil has many therapeutic effects and is widely used in aromatherapy to boost mood, relieve anxiety, as well as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Whenever you remove orange zest or eat an orange, you can enjoy the fragrant and deliciously citrus scent of orange oil that infuses the air. However orange oil is also one of the toughest degreasers found in nature and Earth Friendly Products use it to great effect as an ingredient in All Purpose Cleaner Orange (previously Orange Mate Ready to Use), All Purpose Cleaner Orange Concentrate (previously Orange Mate Concentrate Kitchen Degreaser) and Furniture Polish.

It’s no surprise to us that these 3 products have been among our best sellers for nearly 20 years! Not only do they work brilliantly, but customers always tell us how they love the natural orange scent. ECOS use just small amounts of orange essential oil, and their formulations have been developed by expert chemists.


Top 3 ECOS cleaning products with orange oil

  1. All Purpose Cleaner Orange Spray is the perfect everyday cleaner that can be used around the kitchen home and bathroom to clean almost any hard surface from kitchen worktops, sealed stone, painted wood and surfaces, linoleum, vinyl, porcelain, chrome and stainless steel. Just grab a damp cloth and bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner and you can clean your home in no time, leaving a subtle citrus aroma of oranges.

    TOP TIP: As we become more mindful of using less plastic bottles, did you know that you can refill your bottle of All Purpose Cleaner by diluting the Concentrated version. This saves plastic and money! 

  2. All Purpose Cleaner Orange Concentrate and Degreaser. For kitchen degreasing, few things do as good a job as orange oil. The powerful orange extract not only provides an invigorating citrus scent; it also helps cut through grease. ECOS Orange Concentrate gives you more control and flexibility so you can create the cleaner that you need for the job. Use it full strength ‘as-is’ for tough cleaning jobs like removing grease from the oven and hob, cooker hoods, splash back tiles and even the barbecue. For large cleaning jobs like floors, tiles or work surfaces, dilute 30:1 in a bucket or bowl with warm water.

    TOP TIP: You can use All Purpose Cleaner Orange Mate Concentrate to REFILL the All-Purpose Orange Spray, dilute with water 1:10. Pour 45ml of Orange Mate Concentrate into empty 500ml trigger spray bottle and top up with cold water. This saves plastic and money!

  3. Furniture Polish and Cleaner contains orange oil and olive oil and is a light and easy to use, yet luxurious spray, for everyday cleaning and dusting of furniture. Do not use as a floor polish as it may make the floor slippery. Shake bottle before using, lightly spray furniture to be cleaned and wipe immediately with a soft clean cloth for a clean and polished result. Note that Furniture Polish is a water-based product and so does not mix with bees wax based polishes and will clean the wax away.

If you love oranges, then you will delight in these lovely ECOS products so give them a try.

A note on making your own cleaning products:
Some people like to make their own cleaning products with essential oils, please note that care should be taken when using undiluted orange essential oils. Keep undiluted oils out of reach of children and pets, and immediate medical attention should be sought if swallowed.


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  • Claire Price