Why is Sewing and Quilting Good for You?

Why is Sewing and Quilting Good for You?

If you’re a keen quilter, seamstress or embroiderer (or you just love making soft furnishings like us!), then you’ve probably discovered how beneficial this quiet and meditative pastime can be in terms of mental well-being.  We all have times when we feel a bit stressed or have difficulty winding down after a challenging day, and sewing in all its different guises can be used to help relaxation, and promote a mindful state of being.

But what is it about sewing that is so therapeutic?

8 Reasons Why Sewing is Good for You

  1. Mindfulness – everyday life can be fast-paced and frantic, and multi-tasking seems to be a prerequisite for getting through each day. Sewing makes you focus on one thing. Turn off the TV, take yourself to a quiet room and allow yourself to concentrate on that one thing with all your senses – just like you might if you’re doing yoga or mindfulness exercises.
  2. Me time – often our days will be made up of activities and tasks we do for others, whether that’s at work or in our home lives. Like the act of ‘Mindfulness’, sewing can provide a time for quiet contemplation and allows you to immerse yourself in something you do simply for your own pleasure.
  3. Time out from Technology – we’re all guilty of spending too much time glued to our smart phones, laptops and tablets, and the constant bombardment of social media, videos and images can lead to sensory overload and feelings of exhaustion. Sewing is a way of focusing your mind on something productive that gives you a proper chance to relax and rest from outside input.
  4. Accomplishment – finishing something that you’ve created yourself, can offer a huge sense of accomplishment, even if the result is not quite of the standard you might buy in the shops!
  5. Well-being – sewing helps cognitive, creative and emotional well-being. In a world where many jobs and day-to-day activities stifle creativity, allowing yourself to be creative has been found to have direct benefits to mental health. Sewing is definitely preferable to spreadsheets in our home!
  6. Stress relief – many celebrities have famously cited knitting as a form of stress release and this is true of sewing devotees too. For those who struggle with stress or depression, the methodical process of sewing can be relaxing, good for self-esteem and a healthy distraction from the pressures of life.
  7. Physical benefits - the hand-eye coordination that is required for sewing is good for our brains and keeping our fingers nimble. An agile mind and body will make you feel more agile and alert too.
  8. Social skills – many keen seamstresses and quilters join groups where they meet like minded people who share their passion. This can lead to increased motivation to improve your own skills and long-term friendships. Sewing courses are also good for this and provide an opportunity to be creative, make friends and embrace the joy of learning something new – a marvellous contrast to busy working life!

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  • Claire Price