Repurposing Your Kitchen Rubbish

Repurposing Your Kitchen Rubbish

When it comes to generating clutter and rubbish, the kitchen is one of the main culprits in the household. However, not all the rubbish in your kitchen needs to go to waste and can actually be used as rather quirky household items.

Here are 4 creative tips to help you repurpose some items that you might have otherwise just viewed as rubbish.  

  • Glass jar storage

Not only are glass jars aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely versatile in how they can be reused. Clear jars that once stored pasta sauces or jams make for excellent storage solutions inside your kitchen cupboards as you can clearly see what is inside each jar. Try using them to store your dried foods such as rice, lentils or pasta. Alternatively, they also make for great decorations. Try placing a tealight in each jar and lining them up along your dinner table.  

  • Cupcake tin storage

Although we probably don’t want to admit it, most of us probably have a cupcake tin that spends most of its time collecting dust! One way to put it to better use is as an organiser. At your desk use the separate compartments to store paperclips, memory sticks or pins, or alternatively on your dresser with hair-grips, hair ties and earrings. This will make for a original household object.

  • Tins as plant pots

Before recycling your next batch of tins, remember that these will make great planters. Ensure that your tins have been thoroughly cleaned, and then start by carefully making a few drainage holes in the bottom of your tin with a hammer and nail. Then add soil and the plant of your choice to the tin for a great table decoration! Add some colour to the tins by either painting then or wrapping some coloured paper around the outside.

  • Wooden crates for cleaning product storage

Before recycling any delivery boxes and crates that have come to your home, why not use them to store your cleaning products. Try adding a label to the front of each one so you know what is in each box at first glance in the cupboard. The bonus of this is that when you are cleaning, you can carry the whole box around the house with you, taking much of the hassle out of the household clean. If your wooden crates are on the smaller side, try to save up a couple and categorise what is in each crate (laundry products in one crate, bathroom in the next etc).

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  • Minnie Clark