Ecoizm: Tried and Tested

Ecoizm: Tried and Tested

If you're thinking of trying the Ecoizm Super Concentrated Laundry Perfume and Fabric Softener range, see this glowing review from our latest happy customer.  

‘As a perfume or fabric softener - I tried both. I was testing the ‘spring freshness’ scent, which smells clean and fresh but also is subtle and neutral. After a wash, my clothes were left smelling lovely, but the scent wasn’t overpowering. After using the product as a fabric softener (mixing with vinegar) my jumpers felt nice and soft. I was surprised that so little product could produce those results.

My partner, who suffers from sensitive skin, said that the product didn’t cause any irritation at all. Overall I’m very impressed with the product. It makes me feel very good to know that it’s eco-friendly and produces very little plastic waste. I go through my usual fabric softener very quickly so it’s great that this product lasts so long. It’s also a great space saver in my cupboard.’

Ella Bloomfield

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  • Claire Price