What’s Living in Your Kitchen Sponge?

What’s Living in Your Kitchen Sponge?

If you love your home to be spotlessly clean and think that your kitchen surface or table looks lovely and hygienic after a wipe over with your cleaning sponge then these statistics from a recent study will make your toes curl.

 According to experts, the average kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat and harbours 10 Million bacteria per square inch!  And it’s not just harmless bacteria either - experts have linked germs found on kitchen sponges to diseases which can cause paralysis.  It’s enough to give us nightmares!

The Hygiene Council advises that kitchen cloths and sponges should be regularly disinfected and washed above 60 degrees. This is good practice for keeping the nasties at bay, but what happens to your sponge once its useful life is over? Sadly, plastic sponges inevitably end up in landfill, and if you followed the advice of some experts, which suggests changing your kitchen sponge every week, the average household could be throwing away 50-60 plastic sponges each year – a huge addition to plastic pollution.

At NatBrands, our mission is to provide greener and more sustainable solutions to household cleaning conundrums, and our new LoofCo cleaning pads are the perfect alternative to mass-produced, plastic kitchen sponges and cloths. Made from natural loofah plants, which are grown in Egypt and ethically farmed, LoofCo cleaning pads are highly durable, can be refreshed in the washing machine, then hung up to dry, ready for further use. What’s more, the aerated natural fibres in LoofCo products mean that they dry quickly, and when they do finally wear out, they’re 100% biodegradable, so can simply be added to your compost – green, clean and plastic free! 

LoofCo is a range of cleaning and personal care products made from loofah and coconut, including washing-up pads and brushes, vegetable scrubbers and body exfoliators. Skilfully hand-made for us in Sri Lanka and Egypt, this versatile natural range supports traditional working practices and is an environmentally-responsible alternative to mass-produced plastic counterparts.

Discover the full LoofCo range here 

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  • Claire Price