About Earth Friendly Products (ECOS)

From The Earth To Your Home

In 2017 Earth Friendly Products proudly celebrated 50 years of creating environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning & laundry products using thoughtfully sourced ingredients which are safer for people, pets and the planet. To mark the occasion, they changed their name to ECOS, the same as their best-selling laundry detergent. NatBrands have worked with this pioneering company since 1999. The ECOS range offers an effective clean, powered by plants at an affordable price. All products are positively free from formaldehyde & dyes, are readily biodegradable & easily recycled, as well as being vegan & never tested on animals. The range is entirely carbon neutral, formulated with pure, thoughtful science and manufactured in the USA using Zero-Waste guidelines and 100% powered by renewable energy.

Six Reasons to Choose ECOS


ECOS™ products are thoughtfully formulated to clean powerfully without harsh chemicals, dyes, or synthetics.


Making ECOS™ in our four carbon-neutral plants enables us to keep prices low and quality high


ECOS™ products are readily biodegradable, greywater & septic safe, and made using 100% renewable energy.


ECOS™ products are made from the goodness of plants using zero-waste guidelines and never tested on animals.


ECOS™ products are manufactured in family owned and operated plants


Sold in over 60 countries, ECOS™ products are loved around the world, from America to Australia.


Planet Friendly

Animal Friendly

Eco Friendly

Skin Friendly

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