The Natural Choice for Healthy Cleaning


When we met Felix Borges, the chemist and creator of the Eco-Max range, we were so impressed with his passion for creating a safer, greener cleaning and laundry range than any he could find, that we knew that these were products that we wanted to use ourselves from now on AND to introduce to our customers in the UK and Europe. After 20 years of distributing eco-friendly household products, we are very enthusiastic about the Eco-Max range. Eco-Max ticks the boxes that NatBrands and our customers want in a sustainable eco-cleaning range: Affordable, effective hypoallergenic plant-based formulas; made with 100% green energy, vegan and not tested on animals, MIT Free, GMO Free, only sustainable Palm oil, fabulous pure essential oil fragrances. Importantly for our mission to reduce plastic pollution, there is an option to buy bulk sizes to refill at home.


To give you some background, in 1999, Felix created Prism Care because he knew that cleaning products didn’t have to be toxic. After countless hours of research into pure, plant-based ingredients that are completely safe for people, pets and the environment the Eco-Max brand was born. The hard-working formulations are a pleasure to use and offer good value coupled with the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Based in Ontario, Canada, Prism Care is family owned and operated. Felix and his team constantly innovate, add new products and respond to the needs and preferences of consumers.

Eco-Max products are made using 100% green energy. We will only ship by sea and will ensure that these shipments are independently Certified as Carbon Neutral